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Pipe and Bolt Engine Mod-Up

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I can't start this until I get my mini-shop further along, but hope to before Christmas. But guys, if this particular Mod-up doesn't appeal the way it is, I'm open to suggestions to change it to make it more suitable for you.

Or if you want to start another Mod-Up on some totally different topic, please just propose it in a thread. Could be a rotary table, vise, mill, whatever you think others would be interested in joining together and building. I'd probably join it if it was something fun or something I need.

I like this idea maybe the winner should have the priviledge of deciding the next challenge? I may even have a go myself if I can find the time with all else I have going on.
Just to clarify though can it be a variety of pipe sizes or do we have to choose one size and stick with that?

Hey shipto, great!  :bow:

No size, number, or type limitation, and that includes pipe fittings -- like elbows, tees, pipe flanges, couplers, caps, plugs, etc. and those are often cast iron -- so a good bearing material. Cast iron pistons, cylinders, etc, are certainly possible with all that to choose from.

Also no limit on what you can do to this stuff -- chop them up, flatten them out, weld, melt, etc. whatever.

Also no limit on what kind of engine: steam, hot air, compressed air, IC, turbine, etc.

It's just a means of showing the range of things we can do.

Glad to have you aboard!!!!  :beer:

It's too complicated for me, but will you please stop using my name(Valentine) in vain!

Sorry Norman!  :bow:


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