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Pipe and Bolt Engine Mod-Up

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Congratulations Russell,you did a fine job on this Mod up challenge. It was your clever valve mechanism that swayed it for me.

Great effort Dwayne, your engine is also a cracker,and as others have said the rolled flywheel was really well executed.

If I had to choose an engine for looks then it would have to be Steve's as it looks very much like a model of an agricultural stationary engine and in that grey and red colour scheme it reminded me of the old Fergusson tractors.
For looks it appeals very agreeably with my taste in engine design......OZ.

Oz  :lol: you, uhhhhh, nailed it! I used some left over paint from my Ford 850 tractor project last summer!


Need you to PM me your mailing addy. I will get a trophy out to you soon. Supposed to start warming up this way in a few weeks (I hope!)


Replaced all photo links broken by PhotoBucket today.


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