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Pipe and Bolt Engine Mod-Up

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Okay, to start the ball rolling, I'm throwing down the glove to any MadModder foolish enough to take this on. I don't exactly yet know what the prize is going to be, but it's likely to be something truly worthless!  :)

The contest will go through February 13 (before Valentines Day), and polling for the winner, by popular vote will happen on the 15th and 16th (after Valentines day!).

The rules:

Build any kind of engine using any of the following raw materials:

pipe fittings
tubing (must be round)
a single 6" long by 1/2" dia bolt (or similar metric size)
nails (any size or type)

All materials must be ferrous (steel, iron, stainless)

If you need accessory stuff like spark or glow plugs, coils, (or tubing for compressed air or steam engines) that can be non ferrous where needed. And you can braze or solder.

But the main idea is to make the engine out of these everyday common ferrous materials. With those you can perform any machining, melting, casting or welding operation you want. As long as you started with the contest materials.

No sheet, plate, rod, block to start with (though you can create them from the contest raw materials with a forge if you want).

Fasteners of any kind are okay, if used as fasteners.

It would be great if you could take a picture of what you started with, and definitely you can post pictures of what you finish up with (running videos especially appreciated) here in this thread.

If you want to do a separate detailed build thread as you go along, that also would be very cool. (But not necessary.)

I really want to build along, but I'm disqualifying myself from winning.  But If someone else proposes a different Mod-Up, too, by gum, I'll be there with a sharpened drill bit straight from my Drill Doctor, so look out!

An engine from some pipe fittings and an old bolt :loco: ......Sounds very much like a BSA single to me  :lol:

Anyway,this could be an interesting challenge to watch.....OZ.

Anyone gonna jump in on this one? I will make a trophy/plaque for the winner!


Eric,I do hope we have some takers,it's a fun challenge that should bring out the best ingenuity and the absurd traits of a MadModder.....OZ.

Well, I'll certainly build something for the fun of it, and I hope others might think of something that appeals to them to put together and join in. Sometimes it takes awhile to clear off the workbench. Anyway, I'm in.   :dremel:


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