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Thought I would post pics of a pair of cylinder heads that I ported and polished at work. I think I have about 65 hours of grinding time into them, I still have to do the valve job and assembly but they turned out pretty nice so far. I am putting them on a 67 close ratio 4 spd Corvette , it will have a mechanical roller cam and the intake manifold will receive major surgery as well, should run pretty good. Thanx for looking.         Dave.       

beautiful work! Thanks for showing us.

Very nice! Did you go bigger or just smooth things out? I made considerable gains by actually doing the reverse on one of my bikes. We cleaned up the exhaust side and tightened up the intake (with epoxy).

What kind of grind are you going to do on the valves?

Would like to see more of what you are going to do and see the corvette!

Very nice work. Looks like it should make some good power :)

Thanx for the interest. I'll get pics of the corvette, the valve job will consist of 35,45,65,and 75 degree seats and on the valve will be 45 degree and a 35 degree about .015 wide just to break the edge on the intake and the exhaust will have a 30,and a 45 degree with a radius in the throat , and just a plain 45 no back cut on the valve. The valves are 2.250 dia. on intake and 1.880 dia. on exh. I went considerably bigger in the ports but not huge, I have had the best luck on the flow bench with this seat and valve arrangement . the heads flow 340 cfm at .650 valve lift really good for 427cid. There are several 1000 mile rallys this car was built for in Arizona, Montana, and Texas. The car and motor appear stock but I assure you it isn't . Some times it's quite a challenge to get after market performance items , like rocker arms for instance to fit under factory sheet metal, but its fun.



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