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Audels Machinists and Toolmaker's Handy Book

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Yankee Tom:
My copy of this textbook for students of the machine trades is from 1942. It covers the machines then in use, along with some layout, shop math, and(wait for it) the slide rule.

Lots of machine diagrams and photos. The photos are not the best I've ever seen, but they're usable.


Nowt wrong with slide rules. I still have my Aristo Scholar that took me through my applied physics course  :thumbup:

Yep same here Andrew still got mine that took me though the electrical engineering study
No such thing as a calculator it was logs or slide rule or heaven forbid long hand


It is currently in storage, but my 1966, NASA issue, 26 inch/3 decimal place bamboo & ivory K&E slide rule lives in a glass-fronted box with a brass hammer and an In case of emergency, break glass placard in a shadow box!

I have an Abacus hanging up on the office wall as the ultimate back up - does that count  :lol:

only if you know how to use it  :ddb:


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