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Anybody using the new gas blow back Airsoft guns for target pratice?


On one of the handloading forums, for training some are using the co2 or gas operated airsoft guns. the new ones are the same weight as the copies of the real guns or if they don't have the license they are patterned after them say the Glock.

I decide to pick up one to try them out only run about 100 shots thru it and it is putting the 6mm plastic BB's were I am point the gun at the target.

This will work till I can get the bullet stop and target box for the 22LR built.
Anybody on the forum use them? :thumbup:

I have one airsoft pistol but prefer the pellet pistols. I find them to be much more accurate. Umarex makes some very nice replicas the CP 88 is pretty amazing.

Don't know if you're aware but some folks recommend heavy weight plastic BB's for target practice. There's quite a range of plastic BB's available in different weights and colours and also biodegradable versions. I love my TM Glock but suspect the static balance is different from the real thing even with a metal slide. I have an even heavier stainless steel slide for mine but it robs the power somewhat.

If you use a blowback airsoft or blowback pellet gun for target practice, because you wanna get better at shooting a 9mm or similar. My tip is to weigh down the moving part you get a bit more of recoil in the gun thus simulating the upward kick of a real gun properly.

Muscle memory is a finnicky thing and you will notice when shooting alot of pellet guns and then swapping to real ammo that you will be off target when doing repetive shots.


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