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My latest supplier find.
« on: November 08, 2014, 09:06:01 AM »
Being new under a year to the shooting hobby, I found that I do something thing that most others at the local range don't do and some snicker and make comments at and about the use of patch stickers. Now that I would use them for target practice, I find it interesting that somebody would make Smart A$$ comments to and about somebody with a loaded gun in their hand!

I use the price and letter seal stickers to patch holes in the target. Since it is easier than trying to kept track of which hole is from which mag. since some days I run thru 150,200 rounds.

About a week ago I came across this company located in Toledo Ohio.

All kinds of targets, and great buy on colored patches for the targets.
No matter what you shoot or what type of group they have very well made virgin cardboard targets, not recycled cardboard boxes.
I was spray gluing the paper police targets of bad guys on opened boxes. a real pain in both time and money.
My other problem was I seem to tear the paper targets when I shoot so I was using duc tape to place across the top edge were the paper clamps that held it to the traveller.

So I ordered the police still targets in blue, along with the black,white and blue patches they come in a box of 1,000 patches for half the cost of the stickers in bulk packs @ the local big box office supply.

Since I am around 110 miles from Toledo They came this afternoon after an order yesterday.

Shipping is a little on the high side due to weight of 50 cardboard targets. But all in all I think that I will be happy with the reduced time messing with the targets. And all ways having patch stickers in my range bag.
So I thought that I would pass it along. :thumbup:
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