Author Topic: Range bag small and yet rooming, plus inexpensive!  (Read 3652 times)

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Range bag small and yet rooming, plus inexpensive!
« on: November 02, 2014, 11:56:41 AM »
I have been using a 30 cal plastic ammo box for a range box with the roll of duc tape and electronic muffs hanging off the handle, due to the small size. I was using the duc tape to go across the top were it mounts to the overhead hangers, of the traveler. For what ever reason mine always seems to tear the target after a 30/50 shots, and not near the edge. So I have switched to the cardboard targets, I posted in another thread.

Well when I got the email about the November Inside track club coupons they had one for a 11" tool bag. While at the store this morning. I looked at them nicely made, and with one long pocket outside and one inside. I figured that It would work for the 3 boxes of patch stickers, some small disk patches, safety glasses, an empty box for casings, hand cleaning wipes, eye glass cleaning wipes, scissors, marker and soother misc items.

Well I transferred everything over and there is still some room, I use one of the small cable clips to hold the wire tie around the duct tape roll on the outside. I also added a extra shoulder strap that I had collecting dust. since when I went to the range I always needed 3 arms to carry the stuff!

They are on sale this month item # 6183, # 35539, # 61168 for $5.99 regular or $4.99 with ITC. Or with the 25% off its $4.50, but I had something else that needed that coupon for this trip.
Harbor Freight coupon wiki site

For moderate duty use I thing this will work out well. They also have larger bags, if you need more room.
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