Author Topic: Copper Candle Cups Tools & Techniques (smithing style)  (Read 2657 times)

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Copper Candle Cups Tools & Techniques (smithing style)
« on: February 10, 2009, 08:09:46 AM »
Copper Candle Cups
Tools & Techniques
By Gene Chapman
copyright 1993
Oak and Iron publishing

volume #1(my notation)

This is a slim volume of Gene's tools and steps in converting 3/4" copper pipe into an easy to make candle holding cups, to give color,accent and ease of making parts that might have to be made in numbers. For candelabras and wall sconce lights.

This is done in hand drawn style with notes and instructions for making the tools, mandrels, fullers, swags, and rivet making blocks. And takes you from start to finish.

The look of the booklet and the price, sort of hide the amount of useful information contained in it.
It is available from, Oak and Iron
Or from BK163 item#
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