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Moving Metal The art of chasing and repoussť
« on: February 08, 2009, 05:27:38 PM »
Moving Metal
The art of chasing and repoussť
Adolph Steines
Hardcover, translated for
Blue moon Press

Copyright ©2001
ISBN 0-9707664-9-1


From the explanation of the German term and original title METALL-TREIBN moving or driving metal from either side of the metal. Then its clear black and white photo's.Its to the point clear text used in conjunction with the photo's of the processes.

Examples with easy to follow simple steps for a couple of outstanding projects.

Design and the execution of the design with all the steps filled in. And not left to the assumption that the person reading the book knows the in between steps. Design transfer to the metal, along with an easy way of using Plasticine clay to see the side in the pitch to check on progress.

He goes over the use of a number of materials for support backing, in addition to the pitch.

The work shop, punch work, tools, and the assorted techniques for the subject and the background work including the use of the gravel,asphalt,or concrete for surface texture.

Surface treatments dealing with patina, coloring, sealers and the proper use of waxes.

A section on Architectural art, large size and scale including deep depth of relief. Use of hand work covering doors and entryways. Memorials both large and small. To the village center square type fountains.

And of course restoration work and the use of the styles in modern work. There are also item with examples from jewelry items to large 5'x 12' welded together copper wall hangings.

And the most interesting part for me was the use of your basic pneumatic muffler gun and modified chisels and punches. For the large deep relief and large signage.

This isn't one for the newbe I have no clue set! but to get before the printing disappears so you have a copy when you have some work under your belt. I have no reservations about pushing this book.
Item# BK914 at Phiel tools
Its not cheap but a well worthwhile investment.
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