Author Topic: For those in the US with an older Generac portable generator  (Read 1491 times)

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Just a side note on generators! this is for anybody that has a older Generac portable generator, pre end of the world 2000 and some time into 00's I wanted to get a PDF file of my genney's manual to have on the computer, with out scanning the one I have.
I couldn't get the Generac's site to admit that it was their product. I called the 888 number. I found out that Busted and Scrap iron bought the rights to all the earlier models and manuals of the Generac portables. You have to go to the B&S support site for the manuals. Went to the B&S site typed in the model numbers and yep up pops the manual for my unit.
Don't know how they will react to questions on the engine as it is a Robin/Subaru 18 hp.
the guy at Subaru thought I was out of my mind.;)

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Re: For those in the US with an older Generac portable generator
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If you search a little, you will find that Subaru and Robin are some of the brands of Japanese company Fuji Heavy Industries.
The 4 cylinder boxer engine on the first Subaru in the 1970'ies was developed for a small plane for a US manufacturer that went broke after the engine order fro the Japanese. Not knowing what to do with the engines, they designed a (ugly) car around it. It was a dry sump engine, not common to the automotive industry.