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Making Mobiles
« on: January 15, 2010, 07:24:49 AM »
Making Mobiles
Bruce Cana Fox
Schiffer Publishing

Shiffer books USA

bush wood books EU

ISBN 0-7643-2474-8
Trade paper back
Copyright 2006

It is simply a great starter book for the basic mechanics of building a mobile. Filled with nice large clear color photos, mostly are close ups of the procedure being discussed.

A short introduction, about mobiles  and the whys of ego and building them. Along with the fact that building them isnt a sure financial success road.

With that part out of the way, he starts with a description of a light weight basic mobile, with materials, tools and his lists of things that you have to be thinking about before you start in on building.  Plenty of close up shots of balancing the elements and mounting the bails. Just a simple two element mobile, if you can make it thru that chapter then you are well on the road.

The next four chapters are Materials, Tool Selection, Mobile design, and Cutting Elements. As most on the forums are handy or at least have had an interest in shop type work. Just a cursory reading of the chapters may do you.

The next seven sections are the important ones with all the little things that can drive one right off the point of the whole exercise. Forming the bail, Balancing the Horizontal Element, Horizontal Element Connection Rod, Vertical Element Connecting Rod is the information that is often lacking. Just his hints about which way to adjust the loops and bails will save time and practicing colorful verbage.  Rivet Removal and Other Repairs, Hanging and Swivels, Finishing Considerations and Painting.  Now before you say that I can paint a mobile, depending on what and how you want to paint it. It may be better to paint it before assembly as he explains.

Finally, it comes down to Reassembly and Final Tweaks, Packing and Hanging if you choose to give some away or sell them.

Expanding on Basic Designs, Developing  a Personal Style, Sources for Tools and Materials and the Recommended Reading, at least his top picks and mine agree Oppi Untracht 2 metal working books.
If you know nothing about the art of balancing mobile elements, Then this one is a must It is a slight sleeper. As a lot of people dismiss it on the first look see or read through. It does fool a lot of people.
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