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Decorative Plants and Flower Studies
« on: December 22, 2009, 07:57:23 AM »
Decorative Plant and Flower Studies
for Artists and Craftsmen
J Foord
Dover reprint of an 1906 Original edition
Paperbound, Black,white and Grey Drawings
Dover Books UK

Dover Books USA

Some times in reading these reprints of books from that other seeming world of the late 1800's and early 1900's. I am amazed at what is now lost, in just the way and amount of information is passed on then and now.

The drawings are wonderful in themselves, Let alone what the original color plates must have been with Ms. Foord's attention to detail. the color plates are now shaded with shades of grey to give just a sense of what the color plates must have been.

The page with the parts of the plant, has all the details one could want. From a sectional view showing the inside structure of the flower heads,to detail leaf terminations, to sectional view of the stem or scape, bulb and roots, To opening stages of the buds,to the relative heights of the leaf and flower, down to the sheath coming out of the bulbs at the ground line for those that have them.

The descriptions of the botany side of things, along with the small illustrations of the plant group both front and side. From the colors of the leaves as they grow, to whether the leaves are swaying or vertical as they grow. She describes the color and changes to the plants as they move through their life cycle.

There are 88 copyright-free drawings of 40 plants and flowers. It is an artist source book that goes above just giving the facts about the subject matter.
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