Author Topic: Books of interest for Metal Artists,Geometric Allover patterns  (Read 3610 times)

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Books of interest for Metal Artists,Geometric Allover patterns
« on: December 10, 2009, 06:46:48 AM »
Geometric Allover patterns
Ian O Angell
Dover Publications
Bover Books UK

Dover Books USA

Copyright 1985 as Computer Geometric Art retitled in 1994
Paperbound 48 pages 46 B&W illustrations
ISBN 0-486-24855-0

Dover Books UK

Dover Books USA


This is a lattice pattern grouping of 17 categories corresponding to two-dimensional space groups. The main over arching title is called Computer generated serendipity patterns.

As in the previous book, these are dependent on tiles that are joined together in side a rectangle. And it shows that the same design influences effected the fill patterns across so many cultures. In the formative times.

They can be scanned and fiddled on the computer, for use in CNC plasma cutting machines. Or with a hand unit. They also can be broken down into the tile sections for fence, screen, fills and built up of welded component parts. The easiest way of using them or playing with them to see if they would look better cut from a solid sheet is to use a colored pencil and fill in a number of scanned copies. To check the pattern repeat etc.

From one tile panels grouped together in a themed wall hanging to a fill panel for a fence person gate. It will give pause for design inspiration.
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