Author Topic: Books of interest for Metal Artists, Practical Joining  (Read 2100 times)

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Books of interest for Metal Artists, Practical Joining
« on: December 07, 2009, 08:05:11 AM »
Books of interest for Metal Artists, Practical Joining
Practical Joining
A Bench Reference
for Jewelers

Tim McCreight
Brynmorgen Press
Hard cover, spiral wire bound
lay flat binding
ISBN 1-929565-16-X
copyright 2006

Again Tim does another one that will be along side his Complete Metalsmithing book. Form the page and half history and overview about the start and how each discipline does things for it's best advantage.

They lay flat binding does make it nice when you put in down as the pages don't close up. It does read well, you sit down and read it through cover to cover. And not like some of the other reference books.

It is divide into 3 sections,filled with his detailed concise,clear illustrations on the subject and items being discussed.

This book is also good for model builders no matter what the material. Or metalsmiths outside of the jewelry venue. It is truly one for metal artists of all kinds or artist of any disciplines for that matter.

Cold connections
Threaded connections
Other Cold Connections

Each listing is covered, in a number of variations with shown examples. Also he does a simple and complete step by step procedures on each process. Showing the slightly different methods in using rivets of assorted heads styles and introducing people to cutler's rivets. From making your own rivets or making the item riveted be able to rotate.
He finish's up with some not so common methods of fastening.

Hot Connections
Soft Soldering
Soldering Investment
Miscellaneous Supplies
Clean up after Soldering
Modern welding

Covering all the common equipment for soft and hard soldering. Along with the alloy's, fluxes and work areas. Means of holding the parts together. Including the solder investment which was something I wasn't aware of. And it sounds like it may come in handy at times.

Most people think they know about soldering of either type. And if you have an assortment of solders that melt at differing temps he gives some ideas to keep the straight. Also he gives enough information that anybody reading it will no longer have a problem with getting a good joint.

And from some of the questions asked on assorted forums about both soft and hard soldering. It is a need that this book fills.

Of course the welding section is just a overview of the equipment and results. Along with a quick view of the equipment and procedures for forge welding, and the modern welding is gas and electrical types.

He finishes up with


He covers a little of the history, show that some have been around for a long time.
Natural glues, Hide and Casein along with instructions on their mixing and use.

Drying Glues, Polymers, Polyvinyl Acetate (Elmer's,TiteBond etc) Hot Melt Glues

Thermosetting Adhesives, Epoxy two-parters

Specialty Adhesives, Cyanoarcylates (Super-Glue) and Ultra Violet Curing adhesives the kind that Dentists use.

He finishes up with Appendix, supplies, and index.
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