Author Topic: Chasing & Repoussť methods ancient and modern  (Read 2246 times)

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Chasing & Repoussť methods ancient and modern
« on: December 05, 2009, 06:47:56 AM »
Chasing and Repoussť
methods ancient and modern
Nancy Megan Corwin

Brynmorgen Press
publishers web site
copyright © 2009
ISBN 978-1-929565-32-0


Truthfully it is a work that could be called a modern textbook on the art with homage paid to the past.

As she does cover the modern stuff, and has expanded most of the area that in other books you are left wanting more info.

After a brief introduction

1. Materials, Tools, and Studio are given a good descriptive work out.

2. Pitch and its Uses, updating this with numerous choices of containers and accessories.

3. Basic Chasing and Repoussť, Starting with a list of goals each chapter does lead one step by step through the process first in pictures with brief descriptions and then. With complete descriptions and numerous photos. She doesn't hope you read the proceeding material but takes through it.

4. Chasing and Repoussť without pitch. Gives great info and shows you how to do it with other materials to the use of the water meltable plastics. Or combination of them, something that would make some cringe.
You know doing some of the things that we all have thought of but didn't ask.

5 Constructing Hollowform Jewelry. This also has a short photo step by step overview, and then covers the subject of both flat backing and mirror images. It also has some wall type hangings and free hangers.

6. Chasing And Repoussť in the Studio. Covers another area that is seldom combined with it. The use of rolling mills and imprinting and Presses and assorted dies in combination.

7.Beyond the Basics Covering filling the forms, using modified hammers, and all the other tricks that the great ones seldom tell the rest.

8. Making Tools. This is another nice change from the usual tomes about making tools, From the fact that she sort of promotes unusual material for making a tool to get the job done wood, plastics, brass. And the use of stakes and other backing to support the material while it is being worked on.
9. Last is the Featured Artists, along with the Gallery, Appendix and Index.

All in all this is one that it can be said if you have this one you can pretty much figure out everything you would need to start in the area of Chasing and Repoussť and get a very good start.

Since I have only read some of the chapters that caught my eye, and more today I will say that I will finish it up today.

This is well worth the money that they are asking for it!
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