Author Topic: Colin Thorne's - Clockmaking for the Model Engineer & Stan Bray - Clock Making  (Read 3571 times)

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I have read both books recently, Stan Bray "Clock Making" being the first.

An introduction to the fascinating world of horology for the complete beginner. This book explains the terminology of the clockmaker and provides general details of clock construction including layout of wheels and escapements, all of which are fully described and illustrated.

...and it is just that. A good read, describes the basic terms and some loose details of how one would go about constructing some of the parts of a clock.

I then decided to purchase Colin Thorne's "Clock Making for the Model Engineer".

The aim of this book is to help the established model engineer who would like to build a clock to do just that. Perhaps you have thought you would like to make a clock (a future family heirloom) and wish to know what specialist techniques and tooling are required. This book takes you through the construction of a typical clock, describing, as they arise, those techniques of the clockmaker that differ from, or are seldom used, in model engineering.

This really is an excellent book whether you are planning on building a clock or want to read about the techniques involved. I have just read it cover to cover for the second time as well as dipping in and out on occasion and I`ve only had it a couple of weeks. Colin's book really gets it spot on, other books I have read recently, such as Stan Bray "Clock Making" is a good read but misses many of the practical aspects of the actual build and focuses on the main parts and how they work together - Colin focuses on how to build, not just how a clock works with less practical solutions to actually building the parts. I`m certainly not discounting Stan Bray, it has its place on the shelf, I`m just making a comparison to a book I enjoyed!

I would certainly advise anyone interested in horology to consider purchasing, neither are expensive, Stan's book is 6.50 and Colins 12.50. Both worth their respective prices!

Stan Bray - Clock Making 4 * * * *
Colin Thorne - Clock Making for model Engineer 5 * * * * *

If anyone reads these and agrees or disagrees I`d be keen to know.