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The Materials and Methods of Sculpture
« on: August 19, 2009, 07:42:34 AM »
The Materials and Methods of Sculpture
Jack C Rich
Dover publications
This is the republication of the 1988 Dover edition of the nitnth printing of the original 1947 Oxford edition
Trade paperback
ISBN 0-486-25742-8
Copyright 1974,1947by Jack C Rich


I have to start off with the disclaimer about some of the methods and materials found and published in this original book. are nolonger considered safe to use today. Yes it is a new edition and nothing was changed from the original.

That being said this could be called a mini version of Oppi Untracht Jewelry concepts and technology, for the sculpture arts.
I skimmed the book,and read over a couple of sections. It lives up to its hype and the one time I was shown a hard cover first edition.

The Anatomy of Sculpture

The Plastic Earths, from the most basic to the latest in 1947. natural prep, modeling, casting, firing.

Plastic Wax, modeling,carving,and composition clay.

Plaster of Paris, from the historical to the everything in between. Chemical,mixing,phenomenon of setting surface treatments, coloring,mold making for non ferrous metals, carving etc.

Casting, molds and types agar,gelatine,glue,Krogel, plaster,rubber,sulphur,and wax.

Metals, after some discussion of use of metals and the characteristics it go on to alloys and from Aluminum, to Wood's metal and zinc and everything in between. Along with the good points and bad suggested methods and casting info. enough that at the time the book was written one could make an informed decision abut what would work and what wouldn't.

The surface treatment of metals, from Bidri,bronzing, plating,ecthing and others. to the patination, cleaning of bronze polishing and old school method of hot and cold lacquering of metal.

Stone all the basics you need to know about stone and the types, the common and not so common types, durability and outdoor exposure, the preservation of stone.

Sculpture in Stone, Tools and equipment,methods of approach to stone carving, and the craving and treatment of stone.

Wood, again all the basics to pick the direction to go.
And before the end.

Other Sculptural Materials, from amber to terrazo, and ivory,bone,plastic's,soap, coal,concrete,butter, ice and snow. Along with some other old school stuff that most never heard of.

There are 281 B&W illustrations in 62 plates and some drawings. What I liked about it it covers most of the area that questions crop up on these forums. It is great for use by a metal artist if they would like to add stone/wood base to their work.

Since it is difficult to find out the angle of the chisel to achieve that certain surface on stone, this book shows you. This is one that should be on every sculptors book shelf, no matter what the medium they use. As the cross information will come in handy. It is a good read and I know what I will be doing when I finish this review.
It is only &16.95 plus shipping from Dover web site it also maybe on sale!
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Re: The Materials and Methods of Sculpture
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2009, 07:50:50 AM »
Thanks for the review Glen.  I've developed a relationship with a sculptor and we are planning some collaborative works combining bronze sculpture with machined elements.  The book may give me a better overview of the bronze process.

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