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Hot Shop II(more blacksmith stuff)
« on: June 21, 2009, 09:41:29 AM »
Hot Shop II
By Gene Champman
Copper handle blacksmith knives
Wound candleholder & Tooling
Forging uglies faces
Fly press stuff
Uglie critters
Booklet 8x11
Oak and Iron publishing


Again Gene has another winner, a continuation of his first volume dealing with hot stuff for blacksmiths and other metal workers. You really don't need a full shop of smithing tools to make his stuff. A heat source,couple of hammers, a good vise and some steel chunks to work as an anvil for beating on along with a couple of assorted stock for mandrels.

It is more one/two pagers from start to finish with only the section on fly press and tooling being multiple pages. To cover the assorted tooling. Clear bright high contrast B&W photos along with the close ups of were needed.

The items covered in this one are:

Going to the dogs
Forging a dog
Different dog
Uglie tooling
Uglies, faces only a mother would love
Uglie hats
Uglie critters
Tapered winder
Wound candle holder
Fly press and tooling
Copper handle knife
Some fly press deco work

I have been asked by an emailer, What is my standard disclaimer it is as follows:

I purchase all the books that I review, I only review books that I might find of interest. I will tell you if a book sucs or isn't worth it. I don't accept freebies or what are called readers in the business. If I give an book dealer/store information. It is because I have used them before and had great service. And if it is the only available source, I will tell you that also.

My reasons for the above are simple. I'm note beholding to anybody, author, dealer or publisher. I can and do say what needs to be said about the books.

This does present some problems, as I have few if any stinkers in all these reviews. And those are mostly mail order sight on seen and purchased by only the description in the sales info. Which can be a real load of B.S.

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