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Hot shop Blacksmith Stuff
« on: June 20, 2009, 10:16:19 AM »

Hot Shop
(Small Potatoes)
Blacksmith stuff
Step by Step Illustrations and Pictures
Home Built Tooling and Fixtures
Hot Tips & Notes
Product Ideas

The fine print:The hot shop has cold work stuff too!
by Gene Chapman
Oak and Iron Publishing
Booklet 8x11


This one covers a lot of fun stuff, most of it or the booklet could have been called "Quickies" or any of the other interesting titles playing on the words!
Same High quality product standards that is a hallmark of Gene's work.
He covers mostly on one or two pages, the material.

Courting candleholder
Miner's lamp knife
Bottle opener tool
Using benders
Bend it!
Lock punch
Orange uglie
Uglies eleven
Forging uglies
Shaker peg folder
Workshop handout folder

As a foot note for those that don't know a Folder is referring to a type of knife. On the order of the pocket knife or safety knife.

Each project is describe in clear writing and drawings if needed along with the clear great contrast B&W photo's. Most idea and projects are conveyed in 1 or 2 pages.
The benders are simple straight forward designs that work, whether the scroller or the round work design. The uglies and for5ging uglies are little quickies that will be a sure hit with the ladies and kid's. and can be made in a range of objects for a range of uses and duties.

And yes for the skeptics in the forum, you can show and explain with tooling the making of a knife. If you follow Gene KISS formula. It great stuff.
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