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Copper Candle Cups II
« on: June 19, 2009, 10:36:19 AM »
Copper Candle Cups II
(tooling,Techniques,step by step pictures)
By Gene Chapman
copyright 2005
Oak and Iron Publishing

It is sub titled Tooling for Hot and Cold Forging Copper Candle Cups.


This is volume two

This is a slim volume of Gene's tools and steps in converting 3/4" copper pipe into an easy to make candle holding cups. It deals with his tools and making them.

*Clamping and Cutting
*Candle Cup Fuller
*Holding and Cutting
*Flattening, Tapering and Flaring
*Flaring Cup and Forging a Swage
*Domed Bottom Tooling
*Finishing and Riveting
*Country Candle Holders
*More Candle Holders
*Ferrules, Files and Angle Gauge
*Cheat Sheet

This is a continuation of the 1st candle cup book, this one dealing with the tooling and Gene's thoughts on tooling. Some of his fly press tooling and the regular blacksmith type one piece at a time tools.

From the use of ball bearings to help make tooling or the use of one for the flaring of tubing, if you don't have a flaring tool set. It could be one of those Doh! moments of man that's a great idea.

It is done very well, with nice clear sharp black and white photo's.material lists and sizes along with information contained in the photo so you don't have to hunt for it in the text. It contains only enough text to get the point across. And more pictures to get the tool across if needed.

The other nice thing is it gets the mind rolling with idea's for other possibilities for tooling that can make the smithing and metal work experience more fun and less work, for those repetitive jobs.

It is available from, Oak and Iron
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