Author Topic: Rebirth of a Denford MIRAC CNC Lathe  (Read 19009 times)

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Re: Rebirth of a Denford MIRAC CNC Lathe
« Reply #150 on: April 07, 2018, 02:34:14 PM »
But then - I need to decide what to do with that opening where the original (tiny) monitor was fitted - a door - a drawer - perhaps a cuckoo clock that pops out at the end of a job like the flashing "Cycle Finished" lights some CNC machines have  :lol:

How big is the opening? Can you fit a small TFT monitor (perhaps shorn of its plastic casing, at least around the edges of the screen) in there?

Failing that... cup holders? So you can have a nice brew while the machine does the hard work? Hey, perhaps one of these would fit the hole? You'd probably need to make a sliding bracket to access the mug/fill with water1... hack the timer so that when there's X minutes left to run on the cycle (where X = however long it takes to make a cup of tea), it switches it on  :lol:

1 Or just plumb it into the coolant system, for an automatic fill! Might make odd-tasting tea though...
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Re: Rebirth of a Denford MIRAC CNC Lathe
« Reply #151 on: April 07, 2018, 08:16:27 PM »
As far as I can tell the tool changer noise is actually normal for the model. There is no way to re-grease it without a total strip down as there are no external points to introduce any lubrication.

But at the moment I've been put on other jobs - rebuilding a totally useless rat eaten and rotten chicken shed on wheels that apparently has some sentimental value. My solution was a box of matches and a gallon of paraffin, but apparently that's not acceptable. I even had a builder lined up to put up a tasteful brick one to match the pig palaces, but that also was vetoed  :bang:

Timber shed - rat eaten in three years
Brick equivalent = good for 25 years minimum

. . . no contest, but then what do I know  :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang:

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Re: Rebirth of a Denford MIRAC CNC Lathe
« Reply #152 on: April 09, 2018, 04:30:28 AM »
Confucius, him say:

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